Next step in the LISN filters

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Honkin' 5 uH, 50A inductorsI´m getting closer to having my CISPR25-spec LISN – used for automotive and other DC-input circuits. Below are some photos of the 5 uH, 50A inductors built for me by a local magnetics company. They´re not pretty, but they´re both pretty close to 5 uH. That´s 4mm diameter, solid copper magnet wire, by the way, and I just about broke my hand trying to cut it! Fortunately the bass player from my band is an electrician and he lent me the heavy duty wire cutters in the photo!
The old laptop I was using to run my AP300 netowkr analyzer/LCR meter finally died. The hard drive motor kept making these awful, wheezing, groaning sounds, and finally three days ago it stopped – for good. Fortunately the desktop I´m planning to use as my arcade machine is on the same bench, so for now it´s doing double duty. Below are the scans of inductance and resistance for both devices. My big debate now is whether to add more capacitance to the filter for the lower inductance device. What I plan to do is have a lot of footprints for the capacitor bank, since it´s made up of multiple film caps, so that I can adjust as needed to get the final impedance set by CISPR25.

LISN 5uH #2 L and R LISN 5uH #1 L and R

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