July in England with Converter Technology /Julio en Inglaterra con Converter Technology

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Hello All! I´m pleased and excited to announce that I´ll be spending the entire month of July in Reading, England, working with my friend and former NSC colleague Dr. Iain Mosely. Iain´s company, Converter Technology, also speciaizes in power management, and I´m looking forward to working with some high voltage, high power supplies, and learning how to do so without electrocuting myself!

Hola a Todos! Anuncio con muchas ganas que pasaré el mes de Julio en Reading, Inglaterra, trabajando con un buen amigo y ex-compañero de NSC, el Dr. Iain Mosely. Su empresa, Converter Technology, también se especializa en gestión de potencia. Espero trabajar con unas fuentes de altas tensiones y altas potencias, y aprender a probarlas sin electrocutarme!

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