Blue laser pointer

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This is my first post after a series of hacks killed my website, I´m still not sure if it was twice or three times.
In any case, the local OSRAM-OS salesman graciosly samples me five PL-450B laser diodes, which are a stunning, beautiful royal blue at 450 nm. I ordered some housings from Taiwan because the TO-38 package is tiny, and has a weird shape. I´ve designed a very nice two-stage LED driver using the LTC3537, which is a synchronous boost converter and LDO in the same IC. This runs from a single 18650 LiON cell. (One cell caught on fire while I was «harvesting» them from a dying laptop battery. They ARE twitchy!) The driver provides a very clean, constant 100 mA.
What´s holding me back on this project is the mechanical side. I want an aluminum tube to hold the battery and the LD housings, and then a momentary contact switch right in the middle of the tube where it´s easy to press with a thumb as you point towards a screen. Directly opposite I want a MicroB USB jack, because I want to be able to recharge the LiON cell without removing it from the laser pointer. So far my attempts to find a manufacturer of custom designs in aluminum have failed. Eelectronics are easy compared to mechanics!

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